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Nature’s High for the City Guy [BVI Beach Gallery]

By: Stephen Leslie France, Editor - aLookingGlass | Last Updated: January 12, 2017

At some point in the BVI, the majority of residents in our community are plagued by a sporadic and very common ailment. This affliction can stem from claustrophobia and undesired repetition.

To combat such an irritation, you will often hear BVIslanders and veteran ex-pats suggesting a beach visit.

For a city fella, on the surface this might not appeal as a viable cure for this bug. In fact, most will turn to the most popular remedy – a tall cocktail of renowned Caribbean measures.

However, if you’re looking for a healthy mental and physical treatment, one of your best wagers is a cruise down to one of the many beaches in the BVI.

My favorite has always been Cane Garden Bay due to the social element present and many activities available. That beach and the many sunsets I snapped were a therapeutic process in itself.

So, a tip to any city folk like me – make the attempt to visit the beach this long weekend if you’re feeling a little out of sorts. The sound of the gentle waters, the sight of the sun setting, a soak in the water and a drink in your hand – if you wish – will bring serenity unheard of in the city.


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