New Arrivals

By: Erin Paviour-Smith | Last Updated: July 13, 2017

Arriving for the first time in your new home can feel a bit daunting.

In a life with no sat nav getting your bearings takes time and wisdom. So we’ve designed a couple of new arrival experiences to help with “settling you in” when arriving on the island. 


Island Navigation – Land 

Figure out where to eat, how to find our beaches, random stuff like the local garden centre, decorating your pad and the difference between a ridge road and the elevator hill.


Setup a temporary pad, car and airport meet & greet 

We find you somewhere to stay in your price range, sort you out with your own car or drop you off where you need to be. Our support starts from the moment your plane lands. 


Island Neighbors – Sea

Noticed those other large rocks in the sea? A nice way to spend your first weekend, we show you a selection of islands beyond Tortola and help you out with any island newbie questions.


To find out more drop us an email: [email protected] 

Newbie Tip: It can be a good idea to negotiate on-boarding packages, when accepting a BVI role