Admission to Practice Law/Residency in BVI

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Michael Rosenblum asked 7 years ago

This is a *really* specific question that I assume requires a local immigration attorney to answer, so if anyone has a referral I’d greatly appreciate it.
I am a dual qualified US/UK attorney/solicitor that is a US citizen currently living in Miami.  I have a multinational/international law practice.  I have a “life goal” of splitting my time between Miami and the BVI.
It appears that I may qualify for admission as a BVI attorney (by virtue of my UK solicitor’s license) but that under the new attorney admission rules I need a practising certificate which essentially requires me to be a BVI “resident,” which I basically understand requires a certificate of residence.
I see 3 “residency types” that might work here, but perhaps only full time resident qualifies (the others being a work-permit resident and part-time resident).  If I went full-time resident route I understand I need to prove self-sufficiency/not needing to work (because then I would need a work permit).  I believe I am self-sufficient without needing to work IN the BVI, but I still want to maintain my existing multinational practice (i.e., I do not want to seek employment with a BVI firm).
Thanks in advance!