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canavanr asked 5 years ago

Hello, I am due to ship my jeep from UK, I understand all costs involve but need to know how the value of the jeep is determined in Tortola once it arrives. I have my new purchase invoice in from UK dealer but will this dictate the actual value of the import tax? Obviously changed from £ to $. Also if I am shipping my vehicle to BVI but my partner is to collect and pay all charger relating to the import etc can this be done if the vehicles registered owner being myself is off the island and cannot collect the car? Should I sign over the ownership of the car via legal doc to verify my partner can drive it away? 

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Premise (4 comments) answered 5 years ago

The customs officer will determine the value, if a bill of sale or commercial invoice is not provided. You will pay 20% duty on the value of the car, and the cost of shipping it to the BVI.

You shouldn’t have a problem collecting the vehicle, as long as the person has the appropriate paperwork and pis willing to pay the import fees.

One word of advice is to pack the car with belongings you want to bring with you. You will need a list of the items and approximate value of each listed, but the process is much easier and cheaper than shipping personal effects separately.

If you decide the leave the island, and don’t want to ship everything back you can most likely sell it on a local facebook group.