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Dependents looking for work

AskCategory: RelocatingDependents looking for work
AvatarDarren asked 12 months ago

I have been told that when my wife comes over to join me next year, that she can apply for a ‘dependents looking for work’ status rather than just a ‘dependent’, is this correct, and would it effect the time it would take to get the dependent status signed off?
Also how long does the dependent application process normally take?

1 Answers
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AvatarPremise (4 comments) answered 11 months ago

Sorry to say, she will not be able to apply for work while living here. She will need to reside in the territory as a dependant for 5 years before she can change her status. Read more about dependants in the BVI.
If the plan is for her to work before living here as a dependant for 5 years, she should consider finding a job prior to moving.

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