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Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago


1) I’m a self-employed worker with good revenu. Is it possible to live in BVI. I read somewhere that BVI only take 5 residents a year. I also heard that you can buy a house stay for 6 months has a landowner and then get a certificate of residence that allow you to stay all year long. Is it true?

2) My work need a very reliable internet connection. How fast is the internet i saw 3 to 5 but is it stable connection does it drop often?

3) The market looks good for buyers but some houses are rented, do the buyer must honnor renting contract with tourists?

Thank you

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

Hello Francois,

In answer to your questions:

1) You do require a work permit and have to be employed by a company here. Follow this link here to get full details about moving and working here:-

2) There are some decent internet providers here. I use a company called CCT and receive a very fast connection, but many others use the other provider Lime which is very popular. I do not find it dropping often these days.

3) I would expect this to be at the property sellers discretion.


admin replied 10 years ago

Moving here indefinitely long term is difficult and pretty much impossible. If you planned on a long term rental and could prove to BVI Immigration that you are employed elsewhere and would not require a job locally your chances are better. They may require proof by local bank statement, if you are going to get a local bank account which would most likely be required as a renter this will be necessary anyway.

If you plan to purchase property as a non belonger there is even more to the process. At the end of the day you will need to contact BVI Immigration for the required forms for entry.

Read here:

Internet, not a big issue. There are 3 carriers or internet and mobile service with great plans for long distance to UK, USA, Canada and most of EU.

There are certain requirements if you intend to purchase a home to put up for rental. Contact a real estate agent like Sothebys BVI or Smiths Gore for an official answer.

Or visit these pages.