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Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago


I’m Jamaican, and I am self-employed as independent author. I used to work in Tortola for a couple years. Have been back home for about three years now, and I really, really miss the BVI.

I am writing to find out of there is a way for someone to stay in the country as a self-employed person. Sans work permit?

I was told about CARICOM, but the my knowledge, the BVI is only an associate and not a full member of CARICOM.

Do you know if self-employers who simply love the country can apply for a way to stay there?


Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

Hello Arice,

As far as I know, the ways to live in the BVI are via work permit, trade license, dependency on a partner working here with a permit, property ownership and marriage to a BVIslander.

This could be your way in but I’m not entirely sure it would work well:

Thanks very much for your question