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Amy asked 7 years ago

I was wondering about my work permit.  I have 2 misdemeanors on my record. What does this mean to have a clean police record?  I have no felonies, or anything serious.
Thank you!

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Nick Cunha (8 comments) answered 7 years ago

Hi Amy,
This will be purely up to the discretion of the BVI Police force and would have more to do with the nature of the crime. You can always include a cover letter explaining why you believe a criminal past should be disregarded, if it was something that happened a long time ago for instance or was something which is irrelevant to living abroad. 

Their job is to protect the citizens of the BVI. So violent crimes, sexual crimes, and anything that may have caused harm to another individual would be more likely to make things difficult than if you stole a candy bar when you were 13. 
Stay positive and be patient.
Good luck!