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Darren asked 6 years ago

I am shortly going to be relocating to the BVI. What advice can you give me on what I might need to bring with me.

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Premise (4 comments) answered 6 years ago

Keep in mind, any new items your bring with you, may be subject to duty charges. So, you might want to come first and see what is here, before you decide what you need.
In addition, it costs money and takes time to ship items. Most things are available locally or can be purchased online in the USA (, Ebay) and shipped via a freight forwarder from Miami. Check out Aeropost.
Clothing is the one thing there isn\’t much selection on down here. There are some clothing stores but they may not suit your individual style.
Also, remember to bring any specialty cosmetic products and prescription medicines. There are pharmacies here but getting a doctor to sign off on something may be problematic when you first arrive.