Shipping food from USA to BVI

AskShipping food from USA to BVI
Nick Cunha asked 11 years ago

Because of food allergies, I would like to ship a few food items to use while I am in BVI for a week in 2014. Will there be a duty to pay? If so, what percent?

Thank you,

The percentage on food ranges between 5%-10% depending on what you’re planning to bring in. Also we are a freight forwarding company with a Miami address, we can assist in importing all your goods and even clear customs for you 🙂

You can contact us at anytime at 284-494-0707 or Visit our website for more information:

Michelle replied 11 years ago

I also have food allergies and am a chef here in the BVI. I am happy to letyou know what you can get on island for you allergy. I just pack a suitcase full of food if i needit from US when i come. I find that easier than shipping it.

Valerie replied 11 years ago

Many of our hotel guests ship USPS boxes with foodstuffs they are unable to purchase here in the BVI….detailed itemized list with prices, taped to the outside of the box….if duty charged, not more than 10 – 15%, however, most not charged at all. Allow up to 4 weeks delivery time to be sure it arrives in time….we sometimes receive parcels AFTER the guest has left. AND absolutely no glass items….use ziplock bags to repackage when possible….ANTS!