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Temporary Contract Work Permit

AskTemporary Contract Work Permit

Is a work permit needed if the job is a temporary 10 day job? within the High Court

Stephen Leslie France replied 9 years ago

Yes – anytime you want to work legitimately in the territory ,you require a work permit. Even for 10 days.


Fay Spurlin-Sita replied 8 years ago

A temporary work permit form?

Fay Spurlin-Sita replied 8 years ago

Where does one obtain a temporary work per!it?

Fay Spurlin-Sita replied 8 years ago

Where can one get a temporary work permit?

Fay Spurlin-Sita replied 8 years ago


Stephen Leslie France replied 8 years ago

Hi Fay,

Usually you have to either get the Work Permit here or have it sent to you from here.

We had a function on our site for downloading the documents. I have sent an email to the web master to see if that’s still available and copied you in.

Nick Cunha replied 8 years ago

Your BVI Employer would handle obtaining a temporary permit. It is the same process of obtaining a new permit, but typically costs less because the time period is less than a year. You can see the permit forms here, , though it appears to be in test mode.

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