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Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

I want to start work on the BVI in the kitchenas a chef.
What kind of documents and medical test results do I need to start that kind of job.
Thank You very much for your help.

Nick Cunha replied 9 years ago

One you will nee to apply for a trade license.

Once the trade license is approved (if approved) you will need a “Self Employed Work Permit”

Then follow the work permit and immigration process found by following this link.

Nick Cunha replied 9 years ago

If you just want to work at a restaurant just find a job online

Nick Cunha replied 9 years ago

Find Jobs at BVi Beacon or Ballast and Capel BVI

Marta replied 9 years ago

Thanks a lot Nick! I’m not starting a new business, but I would love to work in a restaurant so I need to know which kind of certificates and documents are necessary in order to be employed. For example a medical certificate that attested that I don’t have any sickness, or a special card that allow me to work with food. Thank you very much for your help!