[Top Six Critters of Chaos] What’s the most menacing mammal/bird in the BVI?

By: Stephen Leslie France, Editor - Parlance Media | Last Updated: January 6, 2017

Sorry for the delay, but the votes are in, the poll is closed and the award for the most menacing mammal/bird in the BVI goes to…



Of course it wasn’t Lemurs! However, these little critters did receive a few votes coming in last. Not surprising as they don’t cause much trouble—as far as we know—and live peacefully on their own heavenly location on Necker Island. Maybe one audacious crusader of their troop decided to rob the picnic basket of one of the voters…



Fifth place goes to the COW.

Sometimes you will see the family, other times a stray, but these mammals make their presence known in the countryside of Tortola, turning innocent motorists into hit n’ run felons. Although they didn’t place top in this poll, these stubborn mammoths–who believe they own Tortola’s country roads–seemingly forget that for many of us they make no. 1 as a fantastic entrée.


Man’s best friend—though to several voters, not so much—dogs came in joint third.

From stories we hear, dogs can be slightly troublesome from their incessant barking to taking up territory in other people’s car parking spaces. I know that on long walks from Cane Garden Bay to Nanny Cay, there can be a lot of intimidating barking and on occasion, a chase or two.



Tied with dogs were goats; their oblivious role as a crash dummy can sometimes result in mushed mutton.




If I had voted, this is where it would have gone. Forth place is taken by the chickens. These creatures bring shame upon any alarm clock.

Often referred to as nature’s wake up call, there is nothing you can do if you live in an area where they have taken up residence. I have heard though, that Cheerios laced with vodka strategically placed around a chicken’s stomping grounds, can do wonders.




THE WINNER – The grand overseer of all that is menacing, are Sheeple.

Residents love the quiet of the islands; however, their adoration and appreciation can sometimes verge on territorial.

The innocent bumbling of Sheeple is mainly found in their dominance over the beachfronts we hold so dearly and the increased motor traffic. They can’t help it. They are here to enjoy the BVI; nevertheless, sharing the islands…well, it can be a challenge for the most benevolent…