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Churches BVI

Agape Total Life Center(284) 495-9912
Apostalic Faith Mission(284) 495-2475
Apostalic Faith Mission(284) 494-4688
Bethany Baptist(284) 495-2419
Cane Garden Bay Baptist(284) 495-9418
Cane Garden Bay Methodist(284) 495-4245
Mary Star of the Sea Catholic(284) 495-2862
Christian Faith Assembly(284) 494-1975
Church of God of Holiness(284) 495-2581
at North Sound(284) 495-7505
at Taylors Bay(284) 495-5131
Church of God of Prophecy(284) 494-5002
Church of God of Prophecy
at Huntums Ghut(284) 494-3446
at Long Look(284) 495-1772
Church of the Islands(284) 495-4923
Faith Baptist Church(284) 494-3412
First Assembly of God(284) 494-8389
Gospel of Jesus Evang Pentƒ(284) 494-0065
Jehovah's Witnesses(284) 494-6871
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses(284) 495-5287
Road Town Methodist(284) 494-4349
Belle Vue Methodist(284) 494-1614
Purcell Methodist(284) 494-5251
The Valley Methodist(284) 495-5693
Zion Hill Methodist(284) 495-4878
Mt Calvary Deliverance Temple(284) 495-9029
New Life Baptist(284) 494-4101
New Testament Church Of God(284) 495-4119
at Tortola(284) 494-1490
Oasis Christian Assembly(284) 494-7410
7th Day Adventist(284) 494-8414
at Road Town(284) 494-2112
at East End(284) 495-1577
St Georges Anglican(284) 494-3894
St Mary's Church(284) 495-5769
St Paul's Anglican(284) 494-4732
St Ursula Catholic(284) 495-5301
St Williams Roman Catholic(284) 494-2690
Upper Room Church Of Godƒ(284) 495-2061
Assembly of God The Valley(284) 495-6032
Word of Faith New Testamentƒ(284) 495-6200

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