making the move

Follow our advice, be patient, and thank us later.

Before you arrive

Before you get here it is really important to familiarize yourself with the Labour Code. You simply cannot rock up with no paperwork and “hope for the best”. The Labour Code published in 2010 found in our work permit section lays the groundwork, can be an enigma at times but this is your new best friend to destination British Virgin Islands.

Along with the inevitable flip flops and island packing make sure your hand luggage includes all of the original documentation required.

First weeks

Getting sorted when on island, your moving checklist.

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is important, no matter where you live. In the BVI, we have an active outdoor-loving community as well as a fun-loving party crowd. The most important thing for a resident in the BVI is to find balance in your lifestyle. Too much of anything can be bad for you.


Working – everything you need to know when working in the BVI…