Jost Van Dyke

By: Maros Pristas | Last Updated: September 7, 2017

All Irma Hurricane Areas in BVI

If you have any info about this area, please share it

If you are looking for someone: BVI Safety Check

If you're still looking for information, definitely see this useful group: BVI Abroad - Hurricane Irma


As of Friday Sep 8th, we're stopping our social media monitoring and status updates. Members of community are welcome to continue. In the first hours, when the information was scarce and questions were plentiful, it made sense to collect the valuable information in one place. Now that the world has noticed the BVI, the information is pouring out and the efforts have shifted to finding individuals, we feel that our mission is complete. We've served over 500 direct messages, chats and comments with updates, and 150,000 page views to spread the info. Thank you for your support.