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Nadia Deane-Pullen asked 5 years ago

Hi, I’m a pensioner and my husband is recently deceased. My kids are living in various countries and I do not wish to stay alone in South Africa. I would like to go to my daughter in the BVI even if it’s 9 months out of the year and then I will go to my other daughter for three months. How do I go about getting permission to do this or what do I do. I would like to get as much knowledge on this as possible so I can assist my kids in getting me to them as emotionally and for safety I can’t stay here alone anymore. 

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Nick Cunha (8 comments) answered 4 years ago

Dear Nadia,
Sorry to hear about your circumstances. Maybe this can help you. . . from

Persons wishing to visit the British Virgin Islands are encouraged to find out whether a Tourist Visa is required. Applicants who fall under the requirements for a visitors’ visa and reside outside the Caribbean should first apply via the UK Visas & Immigration website and selecting your country of residence. Further information is provided via the website for registration, procedures and applicable forms.

Visitors entering the BVI, including UK citizens must have a valid passport and if required a valid visa for entry into the Virgin Islands. It is NOT a requirement to hold a passport with at least six months remaining until expiration for entry. Bona fide visitors may be granted entry for up to one month at the ports of entry, provided that they possess:

  • Return (or ongoing) tickets
  • Evidence of adequate means of support and
  • Pre-arranged accommodations during their stay

Persons wishing to extend their stay by up to six months will need to apply for an extension by way of an interview via the Department of Immigration in Road Town.

Iddrisu (20 comments) answered 4 years ago

can i work whilst studying as a foreign student in bvi?
my country has a visa free with bvi