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Pediatric Occupational Therapsit

| Last Updated: October 17, 2019

A pediatric occupational therapist normally helps children that are prone to a range of disabilities that make them unable to carry out their daily chores.
He/she works hand-in-hand with parents and other health care providers, with a job description that entails helping in developing cognitive skills in children.
On a general note, an occupational therapist is a specialist that tries as much as possible to discover new and easier ways for individuals going through emotional, physical, or psychological (mental) trauma to overcome their problems and live a normal life.
This specialist, in addition to carrying out the aforementioned duties and responsibilities also helps the individual patient in carrying out basic chores like washing and eating.
The pediatric occupational therapist tries as much as possible to make the child being taken care of more functional.
This is done by helping him/her to develop skills in the area of self-care and schooling.
In the process of helping children achieve their maximum potential, the therapist most times indirectly works on developing confidence, self esteem, and social skills.
He/she works closely with the child’s family, usually in their homes, schools or any other environment.
He/she also works with educational staff and health providers to ascertain the child’s areas of need and to also render help when it comes to tackling certain difficulties.
The work description of pediatric occupational therapists generally involves helping children who have issues with learning to improve their coordination, organization, and planning abilities.
They also help teachers and parents to have better understanding of their children’s capabilities.

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Required Skills

Must possess good communication skills on all fronts. There might be need for extra communication skills like sign language and facial expressions (depending on the challenges being faced by the child in question) Must have good interpersonal skills. That is to say that the pediatric occupational therapist must be a people person who is always at ease and friendly when relating with people, especially with the child being cared for Must exhibit high levels of patience and tolerance when handling the child Must possess good analytical and problem-solving abilities Must be someone that pays keen attention to every little detail about the child. That is to say that the therapist must be aware of every relevant detail that has to do with the child’s environment and well-being in general Must display flexibility (especially in the case of different children). This is due to the fact that every child may not have the same difficulties, hence, might not respond to the same therapy procedure At least a Masters degree in occupational therapy, with a specialization in pediatrics A minimum of 3 years post qualification work experience in a similar role


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