Assistance with estimated monthly costs?

AskAssistance with estimated monthly costs?
Nick Cunha asked 8 years ago


We are looking into buying a 2 bedroom home in Leverick Bay on Gorda. For the next several years, we would be there for several weeks a year, otherwise we are hoping to rent the place out. We are trying to estimate the monthly running costs. Could anyone please give us a range for the following costs?

Assuming a 2 BR home and relatively conservative water/energy use, what would these monthly costs would run (most helpful would be a range from unoccupied to occupied)?
– water
– electricity (we are low use- no blow drying, probably hang laundry but vacationers may use more)
– pool care
– housekeeping
– gardening- were told $500-$600 a month?!
– wifi (We both have 3G iPhones with Verizon. Would our hotspot feature for wifi through our phones work with the signal there?)
– cable (We are thinking of only having an apple tv an a dvd player…?)
– Are we missing anything?

Until we live there more regularly, we will probably forego a car, renting one when we visit.

Thank you!
[email protected] is the best way to reach me. Thanks!

Lauren Charley replied 8 years ago

Good morning Lauren,

Dear Lauren

Thank you for reaching out to BVI Newbie. We are unable to provide you with exact answers to all of your questions, but here are some helpful contacts to get you started:

– The BVI Community Board on Facebook is an excellent resource for finding out answers to many questions. We highly recommend that you join this group and ask questions, where memebers of the community can offer their personal advice and share their experiences

– Contact Menna Jackson at Poolworks International regarding pool maintenance – [email protected]

– BVI Electricity Corporation: 284-494-3911

-BVI Water & Sewerage: (284) 495-5951 or
(284) 468-3701 Ext. 6523/6592/6593

– Digicel (for cable/ wifi/ phones, etc) 284-300-1000 or

– Bonnie Dougall for Property Rental enquiries –

Housekeeping and gardening are usually done by individuals and so it’s best to ask on the BVI community for those sorts of inquiries.

We wish you all the very best with your move to the BVI.

Anonymous replied 8 years ago

Thanks so much Lauren for these contact details.
i have a favor to ask. i visited the Facebook site for the BVI Community Board and it’s great. Thing is, we are keeping the BVI purchase pretty quiet for now so I’d rather not use my Facebook to post. I saw that you posted for another inquiry. Are you willing to post my questions and I’ll monitor the site for comments?

Thanks for letting me know.