Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

We will be in Tortola for 3.5 months and are looking for help with child care. I came across the Tropical Nannies website. Any other recommendations on how to find someone? Also, does anyone know of any baby/toddler playgroups that meet up? I would love to meet other mamas and babies on the island. Thanks in advance!

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

Good morning,

There are many daycare services located in most populated areas in the BVI with the majority being in Road Town. Willos, BVI is highly recommended by a lot of parents.

Please see our section in Newbie “Education and Schools” under preschool and daycare:

Asking personal recommendations from other island parents is also a good idea in regards to personal nannies and babysitters. Killi Killi, located across from Dolphin Discovery in Road Town is a great way to introduce your child to others and meet parents.

If you are on Facebook (which is a highly useful resource in the BVI) join both the BVI Community Board and BVI Mothers and Children to connect with others in the community.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous replied 9 years ago

Good morning, Lauren. Thank you for this! Killi Killi looks like a wonderful place. I would like to find a personal nanny rather than enroll him in daycare, so perhaps asking around once I get there will work out. I will join the FB groups as well. Have a great day!