forbidden items by the BVI custom check, if any?

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Elena Khaziri asked 7 years ago

Hi there,
I need your help please!
While visiting Tortola, and flying from San Jose, CA, USA to perhaps STT which I am planning to do in December 2017, can I bring a couple of cases of food for my local friends, such as dry spices, seeds, nuts, grains, dry fruit, dry crackers, dry probiotics, food supplements? What items are forbidden by the BVI custom check, if any? How can I see the current rules for that matter? Please advise. Thank you so much!

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Erin Paviour-Smith (20 comments) answered 7 years ago

Bringing food is pretty common. Just make sure the items are listed and declared on your customs form. As long as you’re not bringing in live plants, or animals, you should be fine if the items are checked, but you may be charged import duty for food items. Check the bvi duty calculator -