Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

Does anyone know the usual time for receiving packages that were posted from the UK? I was sent packages in April and May of this year and they still have not arrived? Do I have to go to the post office itself to see if they are there?

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

Good morning Jack,

Unfortunately there is no set answer, but it is very common that you will not receive parcels through the regular mail for several months.

I was sent a package mid-February that did not get here until the end of April. I have since set up an account with Aeropost (Tortola Express) which is located in Road Reef Plaza in Road Town. There is a small account fee and then the prices are based on weight of the package, not volume. It is well worth while if you plan to have things sent to you or if you shop online. You will be provided with a Miami mailing address, and once they reach Miami (in a matter of days depending on if you ship ground or express) they will be sent to Tortola within a day or two.

I recommend you use this service or Fed Ex (office is also located in Road Town).

As for your current packages, if you have the tracking numbers try calling the postal company to see if you can hunt them down. Or you can call/ visit the post office.

Unfortunately a lot of Newbies are unaware that the regular postal service here is not an ideal way to send packages from overseas, but once you know of the other more reliable methods, such as Aeropost, you can avoid these issues in the future.