Shipping a car.

AskShipping a car.
Nick Cunha asked 8 years ago

dear newbie.

Please could you confirm how much it would roughly cost to ship a 15K car from the UK to BVI.

BVI Newbie replied 8 years ago

Hi Adrian, Shipping a car to the BVI is becoming more and more common but before you get started consider the costs and potential headache. Its’s not always worth it, when you consider there are plenty of suitable cars on island already. You could get a new car for $15000! However, If you have your mind set on it, we can’t stop you. You should start by checking with local (BVI) a shipping company for freight pricing from your location. For the sake of a logical example we provided a ballpark idea below. Shippers typically offer a price per container for cars. You would ask for a quote from your port location in the UK, to Port Purcell, Tortola BVI. In your case the figures to work with look like this. Car Value: $15000 (Customs will check Blue Book if you do not have proof of the value) Freight = $1200 (Example) Get an actual quote from an importer first. The bvi car import pricing formula works something like this: 20% Duty on $16200 (<—this figure includes 20% of the value of the car and 20% of the cost of the freight) = $3240 1% Wharfage = $150 $15 T12 fee So . . . in Total, $3405 to ship your $15,000 car. NEWBIE PRO TIP: When shipping your vehicle to the BVI, you have the option to fill your car with Items you want to take to the BVI with you. Make sure you have a list of items and declared values for everything you want to import. Customs are very diligent processing items that are not listed. The less accurate your list is, the more time it will take to clear your car. You should also consider duty of not only the car but also parts as well, in the event you need repairs and cannot source them on island. Cars costs Car Parts (body) is 20% duty and engine parts are 15%. Hope this helps. Good Luck & Thanks for reading! — Newbie