Where to Stay in Anegada

By: Nick Cunha | Last Updated: May 4, 2017

Find unique accommodation on our northernmost and second biggest island in the BVI, introducing Anegada.

Most of our islands are mountainous, Anegada breaks the trend being completely flat, the highest point is only a28 feet above sea level. In fact, when approaching by the sea, the island isn’t even visible until you are within about a mile. It was named by explorer Christopher Columbus from the Spanish word for “drowned” or “flooded,” a clever way to describe the unique topography of the island. 

For a big island the population is only around 300, making Anegada a pretty chilled out place. A growing reputation for kite surfing and of course original Anegadian lobster means the island has plenty of character. Whether you are a local looking for a “glamping” weekend or a visitor on the hunt for a different kind of stay there are plenty of options to inspire that sun drenched stumbling out of your hotel and onto the beach feeling.

Island Hotels

Anegada Beach Club has luxury beachside tents for that oh look “I’m one with nature” but actually not roughing it vibe. Welcome to “glamping” caribbean style, complete with a resort swimming pool.

Neptune’s Treasure is a family run operation the Soares family have spent 35 years building their hotel, with small cottages available for a more rural relaxing on porch with sea breeze feeling.

Anegada Reef Hotel is an intimate 20 room hotel with beach side bungalows run by Lawrence and Lorraine, most offer an undisturbed sea view. So you can literally fall out of the bungalow and onto the sand.

Cow Wreck Beach Resort, multi colored highly instagrammable deck chairs and boldly colored villas are right on the sandy beach.

Big Bamboo, near the very popular and fun word to say Loblolly beach. Aubrey and Diane Levon have created a tranquil space on the north shores of Anegada.


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