Environmental Health Officer

Company: Ministry of Health & Social Development | Last Updated: June 10, 2018

Close date: 22 June 2018
Ministry of Health & Social Development
The successful applicant will inspect the necessary establishments and imports and enforce public health legislation in order to protect the health of the population.
  1. Inspect and collect samples from all necessary establishments and imports to ensure that public health standards are maintained according to regulations.
  2. Advise and educate on environmental health issues to ensure compliance with regulations and the health and safety of others.
  3. Enforce Public Health and any other relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Provides training on safe food handling and preventive health practices to persons operating in the food business industry to reduce the incidences of food borne-illness.
  5. Carries out inspection of proposed food premises to verify that they meet public health requirements to facilitate compliance with safety regulations.
  6. Conducts condemnation of foods at food establishments and coordinate or oversees the transportation and final disposal/ destruction of the condemned foods at dump site where quantities warrant disposal at the site to reduce the incidences of food borne illnesses.
  7. Investigates nuisance complaints received from the public between 24 hours or 3 days, revisiting complaints when necessary to address concerns that threaten the safety of public health.
  8. Inspects all food establishments within your assigned district twice per year to ensure compliance with the required standards and regulations.
  9. Collects water samples from cisterns of schools, day care centres, pre-schools, water bottling plants, and other institutions on a quarterly basis to facilitate the analysis of samples at the laboratory.
  10. Co-ordinates the dissemination of health information and organization of health promotion presentation to institutions to increase public awareness of environmental health concerns.
  11. Perform any other related duties as required by Supervisor or any other senior officer in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the department.

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