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Beach chairs

AskBeach chairs
AvatarNick Cunha asked 7 years ago

Where can I buy beach chairs on tortola

AvatarStephen Leslie France replied 7 years ago

Three stores come to mind.

Arawak Interiors (possibly)

House – Wickams Cay II

RTW Cash and Carry in the centre of town

I’m going to upload this question to our BVI Newbie community board as well just in case others have suggestions

AvatarAnonymous replied 7 years ago

Drake’s Traders at Fish Bay.

AvatarStephen Leslie France replied 7 years ago

Island Department Store,
Drakes Traders,
Quomar Trading.
Fort Garden Centre …

AvatarLawrence wright replied 7 years ago

Re beach chairs–thank you. I found them at island dept store. Just what we wanted.

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