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Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago

My husband and I are considering a move to Tortola for work and we have a 20 month old. We love our current nanny (she’s a part of our family now). How easy would it be to get a work permit for our nanny?

Also, is there a Filipino community on the island?

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago


Getting a nanny here would be difficult, maybe even impossible as a separate full-time work permit. It’s not something you come across, but I will post this question to our community board to see if anyone knows any different.

There is a Filipono community here.


Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

A couple of answers that have come back through out community board:

1) “As with any work permit, there is no guarantee that it will go through. Typically if a BVIslander or belonger applies for the position and has the qualifications and experience to do the job, the labour department would favor them over a migrant worker. This is a contributing factor to why the unemployment rate in the BVI is so low.”

2) ” I think there are different rules for domestic help, speak to Debbie Romney at SPS – she will be able to help email Tracey [email protected]

Anonymous replied 10 years ago

Thank you! I will send an email to Tracey and Debbie.

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

Another answer received from our BVI Newbie Community Board:

“If you are residing in BVI on a work permit you are unable to obtain a work permit for someone else and this includes domestic staff. So if you want to bring your nanny too you will have to get your employer to obtain the work permit for her on your behalf.

You then have to convince the Labor Department that there is not a suitably qualified belonger available.

If your first language is not English, let’s say you are German and so is your nanny, you may be able to convince the Labor department that you NEED someone with that language skill. I have heard secondhand that this may work but I had a colleague who was ethnic chinese but Canadian by birth and Labor refused to grant her chinese speaking nanny a work permit because they said her first language was English.”

I hope this is of assistance.