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Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

This question is regarding the process of applying for a work permit. On the BVI immigration website, it states: “A certificate of good health from the country of embarkation (applications are supplied at the Immigration Office).” Additionally, on the BVI Newbie website, it states: “Completed enclosed medical form requiring several tests to be conducted no more than one month before arrival and using the original medical document attached to the clearance forms.” My future employers doesn’t think a specific form is necessary so she doesn’t plan to send me any form for the doctor to complete, however, I am not confident that she is experienced with this process. I am scheduling my doctor’s appointment this week and plan to get a CBC (blood test), the VDRL (syphilis), and the TB test. Will these test results be enough to get me into the Territory or is there a specific form I need the doctor to complete? Thanks!

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

Good morning,

The official medical form packet is a mandatory part of the immigration process. When they submit your initial work permit application to the labour department, once it is approved,your employers will NEED to pick up a packet of official medical forms from the immigration department, which they then mail to you. You need the original copies to be signed by your doctor. The BVI medical health care system is very strict about this process.

These medical tests must be completed no sooner than one month before your arrival, and filled out only on the forms given to you from the labour/immigration department.

Please inform your employer that they should have received these once your initial work permit was approved.

Guest replied 9 years ago

Thank you SO much! That was very helpful. I have informed my employer.

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

You’re very welcome! Glad we could help

Dennis Dodson replied 7 years ago

I will be getting my drivers license, and a I need proof of my Blood Type…
Where can I go to get this. ???
Thank you