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Louise asked 6 years ago

Hi everyone, i am currently considering a job offer in Virgin Gorda.  I am currently an ex-pat working elsewhere in the Caribbean so i am well aware of all the ups and downs of island life.  My question is, if i were to have a Mon-Fri, babysitter or nanny what could i expect to pay in terms of salary?  Will it be easy for me to find a reputable nanny?  Alternatively, are there any nurseries on VG and what could i expect to pay in fees?
I have one, 1 year old child. 

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Erin Paviour-Smith (20 comments) answered 6 years ago

Thanks for your question about childcare in Virgin Gorda, BVI. We don’t currently have in info for VG childcare but we would like to change that.  We have posted your question on our facebook group “Ask Newbie“, and submitted it to other community boards in the BVI. As soon as some solutions emerge we will be sure to update this page.
If you find the answers before we do, please post your findings here to help the next person who has the same question.