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Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago

What is the easiest way to get to the island if I will be getting off a cruise at 7:00 am I would like to spend half the day there

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago


I’ve posted your question to our BVI community board…

Will get back to you ASAP.


Anonymous replied 10 years ago

Thank you so much would love to visit the salt ponds and take some great photos! Peace and love melody crawford

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

Hi Melody,

Apparently, you would have to organise a private charter across as there are no ferries any other public services to get you there. Just checking to see if there is anyone that provides such facilities…

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

Melody – here are the answers I have received:

1) A contact for you to reach before your impending arrival= [email protected] – they have said: “The boat owner and BVI fisherman would like to no the date and # of people taking the trip?”

2) – King Charters of the BVI may be able to assist

3) Someone else commented that there are other salt ponds accessible to people on cruise ships – Belmont/Beef Island