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Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago


Please can you help me?

I apologise for not really knowing the answer but if I was to be sent a package of personal belongings eg. Clothes etc, would I have to pay duty on this?

I’ve read that gifts and personal items don’t have a duty charge? Is this true? I’m also trying to get a new cell phone sent to me but this would be a gift from my parents so what charge would be applied?

All these items would be coming from the UK and I don’t want someone buying a gift for me if I’m having to pay hundreds of dollars to get it when the gift inside isn’t worth that amount. Please note, I’m not being callous, I just don’t want my family and friends going to all the effort!

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

Will get back to you shortly on this…meanwhile, I’ll publish this question on our BVI community wall.


Brendon Carey replied 10 years ago


Yes you do have to pay duties on gifts just like they were any other package or shipment. Duties here in the BVI range from 5% to 20% and this is calculated on Cost+Insurance(1% of cost of item)+ freight charges. When you add them all up that is what duties will be based on.
Sorry but they will clip your ticket every chance they get.

If you were immigrating to the BVI (more than six months) and bringing your personal effects you are entitled to the first $1000 per adult duty exempt and $250 per child.

Hope that helps.


JoJo replied 10 years ago

Yes, you will have to pay the duty on ANY shipment that comes in.
Note that you need to include the price of shipment as the base for your calculations.
It might seem unbelievable to an outsider, but if you buy an item for 100$ and it costs $100 to ship it, with a 20% duty you will pay 40$ tax.

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