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Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago

Hi there,

My wife and I are considering a move to the BVI with our 8 month old daughter.

We’re aware that there are a good number of families with children on the island, but after a couple of recent health scares (sky high temperatures in the middle of the night etc) involving trips to a UK hospital with the little one, we’ve become a bit nervous about the availability of healthcare on the island.

I’d be really grateful to hear people’s views on the quality of healthcare on the island and if it is “risky” taking a baby under the age of 1. Or perhaps we are (hopefully) worrying about nothing!

Many thanks

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

This area has mixed reviews in general.

What I can assure you of, is there is range of places to choose from and that I personally have always found them very competent and efficient.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about, but as I say, this is based on my experience.

Thanks very much for your question.