Is getting a work permit realistic?

AskIs getting a work permit realistic?
Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago


My boyfriend just got a job in the BVI and I would like to go with him. I am searching for jobs online, but I’m wondering how realistic it is to get a job and work permit this way. I have a Bachelor’s degree and ~5 years professional experience in office environments (law firm, software company, media company). I have read the section on this site about getting a job in the BVI and am exploring those options, but I am wondering if I should plan to join him in some other way if it’s not realistic that I’ll get a job.

Any specific tips/advice would be welcome.

Thank you, Alison

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago

Hi Alison,

The best course of action in this case is to come on your bf’s permit as a dependent and when you get here, seek a permit allowing you to look for work. There are rules around this – when you come in as a dependent, you must keep to that process and I believe there is a waiting period.

Please refer to our working permit section in our book here – under the heading dependents: – the reference to waiting for a year is currently being updated for Newbie 2015 so it might not be that long of a wait.