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Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago

My wife has secured a job in the BVI, however, I will be giving up my career and will not have a job in the BVI when we arrive (likely to be around February 2014).

Will I have to be a dependent and if so am I right in assuming that I will not be able to work in the BVI for at least a year? My intention is to find work whilst I am in the BVI so is my best option not to be a dependent? If that is the case then how should I classify myself?

Any help on this matter would be very much appreciated as I really don’t want to be out of work for up to a year.

Best Regards


Marian replied 10 years ago

BVI Labor laws are strict due to protectionism. Dependent’s are prohibited from working; even volunteer work can be tricky. BVI Labor laws also prohibit you from seeking work while in the country and during a work permit application they require that you not be residing in the country. I have known many that have had to return home while their work permit application is being proceased which could be a few months. You may be wise to begin your job search now. Depending upon the field of work you are seeking you may be successful. I suggest enquiring of the company your spouse has been employed with for some counselling/advice in this area. Perhaps they can assist in getting your resume out or suggesting where you can apply.In my opinion, it would be far more favorable for you to be on your own work permit as opposed to being a dependent.

Casey replied 10 years ago

Agree with Marian. However, you cannot “look for a job” casually when you’re in the BVI. You must ask permission to see employment from the Labour Department. Follow the rules and nobody gets hurt 😉

Mary replied 10 years ago

Hi Cameron, I am in a similar situation!!! How did you get on?? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Valentino replied 9 years ago

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Sachin replied 9 years ago

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