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Medical Forms

AskMedical Forms
Nick Cunha asked 7 years ago

Hi – i have my doctors appts for a physical and lab tests this coming week for my work permit requirement. I am aware of the tests needed and that the medical certificate should state i am in good overall physical and mental health and not under the abuse of drugs– but is there a special form or anything that i should give my doctor to mirror? in one of your articles you refer to having with you “Completed enclosed medical form” upon arrival — so didnt know if there is a template, but i cannot find it on the site. many thanks!!!

Stephen Leslie France replied 7 years ago

Hi Marina,

There is no special form to give to the doctor. You must bring all the official documents that will be produced as a result of all your tests, all saying you’re in good health. These must be presented when you arrive at immigration alongside other docs (clean criminal record etc)

I remember going beyond the requirements and having other tests (Chest and back Xrays) simply to make sure I would have no issues at all with the Immigration process!

Marina replied 7 years ago

Ok thank you!!!

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