My Landlord is bankrupt

AskMy Landlord is bankrupt
Nick Cunha asked 8 years ago

My Landlord is bankrupt and his property up for auction by the bank. This is a sort of ‘status quo’ that may linger on a while. Meanwhile, the property is increasingly undermined by vermin, leakage an miscellaneous other. We are in the fourth month of our one year contract and so far not in any arrears. The leakage etc. is probably stoppable but the landlord clearly does not have the money to do so. I’ve prodded him by registered mail and then he gets active by dropping, but without any ammo; he just doesn’t have the money. What if I order a plumber myself and deduct the cost of that from future rents? I have announced this in the registered letter, which also went to the auctioning bank. The bank does not react. What is the role of the bank? I have copied them in on registered mail etc to avoid being blamed myself for the maintenance backlog. But as said, they do not react. I know there are good plumbers, so should I go ahead on my own initiative now? Cheers, Hans

Lauren Charley replied 8 years ago

That certainly is an unfortunate situation.

I’m afraid your question is not within our area of expertise at Newbie.

My advice is to get in touch with the real estate company you used to find your apartment, if you used one, and ask for their advice. Otherwise you’re best to ask a real estate or legal professional.

Good luck and I hope it works out.

Mo replied 8 years ago

Hi Hans,
sorry to hear your situation, it sucks. It appears you have two options- contact a lawyer if you believe there is a chance to achieve anything or …. move somewhere else.