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Need Proof of Blood Type

AskNeed Proof of Blood Type
Nick Cunha asked 6 years ago

I will be getting my BVI driver’s license. On the list of needed information is “proof of blood type” .
I know what it is, but they say they need written proof. Where can I go to get this ???
Thank you

BVI Newbie replied 6 years ago

You can go to any BVI clinic and request it there.

BVI Newbie replied 6 years ago

You would need to go to one of the Doctor’s in BVI and request a blood type
test for your drivers license. Once you have done the test at the Lab,
they provide you with a card which will confirm your blood type. You take
this to the DMV as your proof of blood type.

BVI Newbie replied 6 years ago

Mo wins! Best answer

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