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Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

This question is for other U.S. citizens who have successfully obtained a BVI work permit. I know I need to get a copy of a “clean police record no older than 6 months”. Having NO experience with police whatsoever, do I just walk into the local police station and ask them for this? While waiting for the permit to process, I am staying on the East Coast (not my most recent residence), so do I need to fly back to my most recent residence just to get this report or can they mail it to me? Thanks for ANY advice!

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

Good morning,

You will not need to fly back to your most recent residence in order to get this document. A police record check can be obtained anywhere, as this is federal information. You will most likely need to go into the local police station where you are currently based and request this information in person. Likely, you will need to list the places you have lived in the past few years. I recommend Google searching the name of the town/ city you are in right now, ie. “Jacksonville Police Station police record checks” or “police clearances” and they will have this information on their site of what you need to bring and the fee.

Anonymous replied 9 years ago

Hello Lauren,
Thank you for your response. I went in to the local police department and they said that they could only provide a record for the State of Florida but that I could go online and order a background check from the State of Washington (my most recent residence). When I look online, I can order a Washington State background check but it is for the State ONLY. Is Tortola immigration looking for Federal or is State only enough?

Mo replied 9 years ago

Get it from the State you are applying from, so that it is consistent with your application