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Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago


I have been on island for months awaiting the arrival of my husband. I have a work permit. He has been offered a job but has been told that the work permit application will not even be started for him for another few months (employer has told him this). We don’t want him to come in on a dependency permit because we are afraid an application to change his status in a few months would be refused. But we don’t want to be apart any longer either.

So my question is – can my husband come visit me on a tourist visa for 30 days, and then leave the territory and re-enter immediately so that effectively he is here for 2 months (apart from the brief hiatus)? Has anybody experienced any difficulty with this?

Stephen Leslie France replied 9 years ago

Hi – that is actually a complicated scenario there and I would be interested in what Labour says.

The best answer is for you to call the Labour Department on this one located in our directory listing.

When you do, make certain that if you get ‘the okay’ from them, that you take that individual’s name, perhaps even record the conversation yourself. This is for your protection as in my experience, I’ve found that even in a single administration body, people have different ideas about the codes/laws/rules and you may need evidence if for example, your husband came in as a tourist and then someone else in Labour tells you that they had to revoke his work permit application because he’s defied the Labour code.

Please send any more questions you have and let us know how you get on. Our guidebook is constantly evolving and situations like this are interesting to add to the content.

Thanks very much

Anonymous replied 9 years ago

I would have thought it is more a question for Immigration – his work permit will not be processed while he is here – so for all intents and purposes he will be a tourist. What I am asking is whether there is any issue in entering the territory on say 1 March, on a 30 day tourist entry, and then leaving on say day 28 of that stay for a night or two, and then returning. At the point of entry on return – will he have his passport stamped for another 30 days, or is it anyones experience that there is any difficulty in this??

Many thanks