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Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

Where is closest scooter rental to tortula cruise pier?
Is online booking for scooter possible?

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

Good morning,

With making bookings in Tortola, most businesses like you to call or email them directly.

There are three options for Scooter Rentals in Road Town. Courtesy is just a short walk from the new cruise ship pier across from the Scotiabank and FirstBank.

Aaron Rentals Ltd – Scooters
Road Town, Tortola
[email protected]
P: (284) 494-8917
F: (284) 494-8918
$40-50 per day + Tax & Insurance

Courtesy Bikes – Scooters
Road Town, Tortola
[email protected]
P: (284) 494-6117
F: (284) 494-6117

Last Stop Sports Bike Rentals – Bikes
Road Town, Tortola
[email protected]
P: (284) 494-1120