Stay for a while – maybe work later …or open a business? Advice needed!

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Frank Lervik asked 6 years ago

Holy crap! I quit my job as a video-photo-journalist in Norway to follow my heart! My first move: I am going to the BVI! Someone have a room/apartment for me? Norwegian man on the voyage of his life – need an apartment preferebly in the East End of Tortola. I am quiet, respectful, nice, clean and a safe payer. Need a place for may and june (maybe longer) 500 – 1000 US$ a month. Please PM me 🙂 I also would like some advice on how to stay in BVI for more than the 30 days tourists are allowed to stay. I will not apply for jobs by now. I want to do this in a smart and legal way. And my dream to open a small business by myself some day 🙂 Please give me some advice 🙂

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Erin Paviour-Smith (20 comments) answered 6 years ago

You can apply for a trade license in the BVI but will need a local partner if you want the trade department to take you seriously. They typically grant trade licenses to businesses that attribute 60% or more of the company ownership to a BVI Belonger. The process takes a while and might not be the right move if you consider the amount of effort required.
Another option would be to reach out to a local business and speak with them about bringing you in on a permit which would allow you the freedom you’re looking for in exchange for assisting them with their business. You might need to fork up money for your work permit, but it’s tied to the salary you’d be making. Make a business a discounted offer to keep their overhead down and you never know who might help you out.

Birgitte Gundersen (20 comments) answered 6 years ago

Holy crap, I\’m doing the exact same thing! Except I\’m not a video-photo-journalist, I\’m \”just\” a journalist.. Did you ever find out which option was the best for staying longer than 30 days? 

Nick Cunha (8 comments) answered 5 years ago

Persons wishing to extend their stay by up to six months will need to apply for an extension by way of an interview via the Department of Immigration in Road Town