Transfer an existing work permit?

AskTransfer an existing work permit?
Nick Cunha asked 8 years ago

Been a resident in the territory for 2.5 years now. Just accepted a job with a new employer and need to begin the work permit transfer process. I’m currently on holiday outside the territory. What steps do I need to take to start the process and is it as lengthy with documentation and times as an new work permit application is?

BVI Newbie replied 8 years ago

It really depends on your status prior to accepting a new job from a different employer.

If you were still employed by your previous employer at the time of accepting a new job, you will need to have a release letter from the old employer which allows you to seek another job.

If you do not have permission, there is concern that labour will not allow you to transfer to a new job and you will have to leave the territory and start from scratch.

Assuming you have permission from your previous employer, you’ll just need the following when you submit your new work permit forms:

1. Release letter from Previous employer allowing you to seek work.
2. Letter from New employer offering you a new job.
3. New Work Permit forms and required criterial (no medical should be required but it depends on circumstances) you also may or may not have to get a new local police record.

If you have any questions, you should be able to ask the required information from the Labour Department.

Good Luck