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Damian asked 7 years ago

Can Anyone tell me, If I work as a volunteer and I will find a job, can I get a work permit being there? Or I have to be out of the BVI when it\’s proceeding? Thanks for any information.

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Erin Paviour-Smith (20 comments) answered 6 years ago

Short answer:
Unless you have been residing in the BVI for 5 years or more (up to minister’s discretion), you cannot be in the territory while your work permit application is under review.

Even as a volunteer, you technically still need a work permit in the BVI. If you intend to move here as a volunteer for a BVI company and seek work for full time employment, you would be breaking the law.

In order to correctly and lawfully enter the territory for work, you must be offered a (full-time) job from a BVI company and go through the work permit process. Once your permit is approved, you may then enter the territory. If your intention is to then get another job with another employer, you must live here a minimum of 5 years before you can attempt it without having to leave the territory during your second permit approval process.