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What if I failed to process my work permit after I arrived in bvi?
Will the immigration deport me on my origin country?

Stephen Leslie France replied 9 years ago

This is highly unlikely, but I suppose they would deport you back to the nearest neighbouring island. I will put this question to the masses, but NEWBIE recommends you have all these details organised before you arrive so it is simply a matter of dealing with the final arrangements of acquiring the Work Permit in its physical form.

Robyn replied 9 years ago

Your work permit should be processed before you enter the country. You are not permitted to be in the country while your work permit is processing.

Stephen Leslie France replied 9 years ago

Robyn is with the BVI Tourist Board – trust this! (hope I have the right Robyn)

Thanks very much.

pablito replied 9 years ago

Hi im from the philippines and I arrived 2 weeks ago here in virgin gorda. My employer neglected me since the day I arrive here. I have given a letter form from the labour department of bvi and it stated “he/she should bring his/her passport to his office within 14 days of arrival in the territory to collect the wotk permit.”

So I dont know what im going to do. I was stuck in virgin gorda where in I dont have any idea how to process.. my employer does not coordinate with me. Thanks

Robyn replied 9 years ago

I believe the people you should be speaking with is the Labour Department directly. 494-3451. I suggest you contact them immediately.

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