BVI water taxi

By: Nick Cunha | Last Updated: March 22, 2017

About BVI/USVI water taxis

Water taxis are a popular way of transportation in the Virgin Islands. More comfortable and flexible than the ferries (don’t forget that we’re talking about islands here!), the water taxis are an upgrade between the ferry and a helicopter. Convenient, time flexible and “adventurous,” larger groups (4 and more people) often find that the ferry is not the cheapest alternative. Water taxis also tend to be more reliable than the ferries (sad but true), so if you can’t afford to miss a ferry, the water taxi is something you just might want to keep as a back up. For a quick quote from St. Thomas to Tortola, see this VI water taxi site.

There are the locations in the BVI with no ferry service. For locations like the famous Willy-T, a water taxi is more cost oriented alternative to chartering a boat.

Which water taxi to choose?

Generally, the BVI water taxi price is applicable for 4 passengers, expect to pay extra for each additional passenger. Note that you can expect BVI international processing fees of $35-40pp each way, fuel surcharges and taxes (with USVI providers, no tax in the BVI).

Newbie’s Tip: Islands don’t move! (yes, this is a frequent question, people are worried that the islands will go away…)


The most popular BVI and USVI water taxi locations

The most popular water taxi trips are:

  • STT Airport transfers to charter boats
  • Jost Van Dyke and Soggy Dollar Bar Day Trips
  • West End, Tortola
  • Jost Van Dyke
  • Nanny Cay Tortola
  • Road Town, Tortola
  • Guana Island
  • Maya Cove/Hodges Creek
  • Peter Island/Norman
  • Beef Island/Marina Cay/Cooper
  • Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
  • Bitter End, Virgin Gorda

The USVI taxi locations:

  • Red Hook St Thomas
  • Frenchman’s Reef and Crown Bay and St. John
  • Red Hook
  • the Ritz

Customs when taking a water taxi between USVI and BVI

Note that when traveling in either direction, customs are a mandatory stop and can incur further expenses. For example, when arriving from the USVI to Jost Van Dyke, you will need to stop in customs at Great Harbour. Similarly, you will need to stop in West End or Road Town on Tortola, or in St. Thomas Bay and Gun Creek in Virgin Gorda.

BVI Water Taxi – BVI companies only

If you are planning to go to a BVI destination different than the point of entry, you must use a BVI based water taxi provider (just fill out the form on the right). USVI based water taxis can’t take you past a point of entry.

BVI water taxi prices

Water Taxi Location from/toWater Taxi Location to/fromapproximate price
North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVINorman Island - Willy T, BVI$550
North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVIPeter Island, BVI$450
North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVIAnegada, BVI$1,100
North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVIJost Van Dyke, BVI$650
North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVICruz Bay, St. John, USVI$950
North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVIRed Hook, St Thomas, USVI$800-$1100
Reed Hook St Thomas USVIGuana Island, BVI$800
Reed Hook St Thomas USVIPeter Island, BVI$480-$750
Reed Hook St Thomas USVISpanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI$850
Reed Hook St Thomas USVISandy Ground Jost Van Dyke, BVI$360-$600
Reed Hook St Thomas USVISandy Ground Jost Van Dyke, BVI$390-$600
Reed Hook St Thomas USVIRoad Town, Tortola, BVI$400-$750
Reed Hook St Thomas USVINorth Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI$800-$1100
Reed Hook St Thomas USVISpanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI$750-$1100
Reed Hook St Thomas USVIScrub Island, BVI$500-$800
Road Town, Tortola BVICruz Bay, St. John, USVI$700
Road Town, Tortola BVIRed Hook, St Thomas, USVI$400-$750
Road Town, Tortola BVISpanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI$550
Road Town, Tortola BVINorth Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI$750
Road Town, Tortola BVIJost Van Dyke, BVI$550
Road Town, Tortola BVIAnegada, BVI$550
Jost van DykeWest End, Tortola, BVI$200
Jost van DykeCane Garden Bay, BVI$200
Beef Island, EIS airport, BVINorth Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI$750
Beef Island, EIS airport, BVIAnegada, BVI$1,200
Beef Island, EIS airport, BVIJost Van Dyke, BVI$550
Beef Island, EIS airport, BVISpanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI$600

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