5 Reasons Why You should hire BVI Water Taxis

By: Nick Cunha | Last Updated: September 4, 2019

BVI Water Taxis are comfy

BVI Water Taxis: Game Changers for the Experienced BVI Traveler

When traveling to the BVI, the most efficient and comfortable way to get there is through BVI water taxis, by far!

1. Avoid Travel Mishaps and Extensive Travel Times

Flying into any Caribbean airport typically involves an extensive travel time and extra connections from the USA. Flying into the Virgin Islands, especially the BVI is no difference. For years, frequent VI travelers have made every effort to bypass the BVI Airport entirely.

In recent years, more and more BVI bound travelers are flying to St. Thomas and praying that they can get that last ferry from Charlotte Amalie. Some poor souls aren’t so lucky and will end up staying the night at the hotel across the street from the Charlotte Amalie ferry terminal.

Due to these reasons, water taxi companies in the British Virgin Islands have been on the rise. No longer are the island bound at the sole  mercy of inconsistent inter-Caribbean airlines and ferry services.

Not only will a BVI Water Taxi the shortest possible travel time, it will offer flexibility for your group if your flight happens to land a little later than it is supposed to. 

2. Water Taxis are Priced for Quality and Convenience

Water taxis aren’t cheap in the BVI, only rum is. Depending on the size of the group and where the taxi will depart and arrive, s0 costs can vary. Most water taxi providers are relatively similar with costs. For a good idea on the different costs you should check out the BVI water taxi price chart. 

If you’re shopping around and asking for quotes, you might ask if their estimate includes, immigration fees, fuel costs and departure or arrival taxes, even gratuity. Often, you’ll find the prices advertised, do not include these hidden fees, and not knowing ahead of time can leave a bitter taste in the mouth when the time comes to “pony-up.”

The quantities-of-scale rule apples to water taxi fares. If you have a large boat and can fill it, you can expect to pay less than if it’s two of you. Most providers charge a minimum fee, which covers the fare plus fuel. Minimum water taxi fares can be upwards of $650.

3. Choosing a BVI Water Taxi

The difference between VI water taxi providers is subtle. The main factors you should consider when choosing a BVI water taxi are cost, comfort and flexibility. Also, size, if you have a large group. 

If you have a large group, you can be certain that no matter which water taxi you choose, you’ll pay about the same amount, regardless of what their estimate says. If you have a small group, you may want to shop for a provider who already has a route booked and ask if you can jump on.

This isn’t always an option as many bookings are for the whole boat, but if you’re on the same flights ,and the existing guests are okay with it, you may get lucky. 

4. A Water Taxi is much more than a Lift

The personal touch and experience of having a water taxi, versus a ferry, is incomparable. The fact that you don’t have to sit in a ferry terminal or stand in a crazy line, is worth a hefty price-tag on it’s own. Yet, because BVI water taxi providers are so knowledgable and eager to provide an Experience, guest end up coming away with much more than a ride to their destination. They get local insight on what to to and where to go. Some water taxis also run island powerboat tours, and if they like you, may be keen to offer “mates rates.” 

5. We almost forgot,  BVI Water Taxis are FAST!

They leave when YOU want. If you’ve ever travelled to the VI before, you’re familiar with standing in line, for everything sometimes it seems.  With a water taxi, you literally get a land taxi from the airport to the water taxi dock and leave. 

So, say goodbye for good, to the fear of missing the last ferry connection and start your vacation right.  The only faster option is a private BVI helicopter transport. Even then, you’ll end up at the BVI Airport. 

Safe & happy travels!

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