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Nick Cunha asked 11 years ago

I am a Filipino and will come back to the philippines.
A filipino here in bvi told me I can’t book a flight that route from tortola will include US countries. He said I need to book flight that route from tortola-st. Maarteen then other uk countries instead. He said I will be needing US visa if my flight itinerary will include US. Is it true?

MoTola replied 11 years ago

Well, if you are not from an esta country you must apply for visa.

TaylorsinTortola replied 11 years ago

You will require an ESTA or a visa corresponding to your country – most likely a B1/B2 visa, which requires going to the US embassy.

Stephen Leslie France replied 11 years ago

Hi Jenny,

As the two responses above said, you will require an ESTA or Visa.