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AskAIR Flight
Nick Cunha asked 8 years ago

I am a Filipino and will come back to the philippines.
A filipino here in bvi told me I can’t book a flight that route from tortola will include US countries. He said I need to book flight that route from tortola-st. Maarteen then other uk countries instead. He said I will be needing US visa if my flight itinerary will include US. Is it true?

MoTola replied 8 years ago

Well, if you are not from an esta country you must apply for visa.

TaylorsinTortola replied 8 years ago

You will require an ESTA or a visa corresponding to your country – most likely a B1/B2 visa, which requires going to the US embassy.

Stephen Leslie France replied 8 years ago

Hi Jenny,

As the two responses above said, you will require an ESTA or Visa.


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