Tortola and virgin gorda Post Irma & Maria

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dave nelson asked 6 years ago

How is the rebuild coming along on both islands?
I hear the beautiful greenery is on its way back well and truly but wondering if the towns are a long way off rebuild or are they on track for regen?
was trying to find real time photos rather than archive stuff!
best regards

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Erin Paviour-Smith (20 comments) answered 6 years ago

Thanks for your question and concern, David.
Most of the BVI is back up and running, but there are still many homes and businesses which are still in need of repair. The landscape is for the most part recovered with the exception of a few beaches which have lost a lot of sand on the shores.

Like the landscape, recent photos of the BVI will take time to be repopulated on the web. For the sake of your question, here is a photo of the Post Irma BVI off of my balcony overlooking Trunk Bay and Guana Island in the distance. As you can see, things look pretty awesome!

Post Irma Photo of BVI