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Nick Cunha asked 8 years ago

What are your thoughts about living in St Thomas, USVI and commuting to work in Tortola?
Are there permits that would exclude me from having to go through customs everyday?
I would most likely maintain an apartment in Tortola and take my personal boat back and forth to St Thomas 2-3 times per week.

Lauren Charley replied 8 years ago

Good morning Chris,

Personally, I would not recommend it. There is no line which allows residents commuting to enter any quicker than other residents. It usually takes a very long time, up to an hour to clear customs.

You will also still need to obtain a full work permit the same as everyone else.

Going on the weekends can be frustrating as well if you’re not a patient person. However, if you are someone who values Mc Donald’s cheeseburgers to much to give then up, then perhaps it will be worth your while 😉