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Emilio J. Torres-Requena asked 6 years ago

I want to set up a Sailboat charter business in the BVI. It would be Charters and teaching. I want to get involved with the young sailors on the island having the boat available for them to race with me onboard as coach. Should I register the boat through an BVI corp. then get licensed. 
My wife is a teacher with a masters degree. Currently works here in MA. What is a teacher paid in Tortola.
Thank you. 

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Erin Paviour-Smith (20 comments) answered 6 years ago

Hi Emilio,

  1. Charter businesses in the BVI have a pretty high demand right now. You would need to go through the trade department in order to get a trade license. The process can take several weeks for non-Belongers who do not have a local Partner.